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doodling daily
octokiss draws something once a day. phantombones does also.

this community includes some stuff of value, but probably a lot of floating heads because WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT QUALITY HERE THANK YOU this is for making sure practice happens and if you want some experimentation. The only requirement is that something is drawn once a day.

In fact, quality is discouraged. Go wild.

Also this community is kind of secret so it's probably cool to be friends locked.

real time art blogs go to toucanosaurus and phantombones, respectively.

I know it's easy to imagine, but it's easier to just do, see, if you can't do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you?
Just a waste of space in your brain, to take the place of hate, or things all the same,

art, concepts, doodles, horrible sketches, no pressure, no-pressure drawing